Handrill, a licensed company by Petronas was set up in early 2008 to undertake business in upstream oil and gas related acitivities primarily in drilling, workover and drilling management.

We are working closely with our Principal - BassDrill Management (USA) Inc for the technical and operation set up. For more on BassDrill can be found at www.BassDrill.com. Through our close working relationship with BassDrill, we have the capabilities to design, fabricate, certifiy and operate drilling rigs both for land and offshore rigs. We offer our customers the latest drilling technologies with cost effective and efficient drilling rigs that optimize the drilling capabilities for any operations. At the same time, we still prioritize and maximize the Health, Safety and Enviroment requirements.

We have the first drilling vessel - BassDrill Alpha, medium type tender assist drilling rig which was fully completed in early 2010. This is the state of the art drilling rig utilizing the latest drilling technologies and marine standard. Contrary to conventional marine design, we placed the main pedestal crane at the back of the hull instead in the middle. This change brings significant cost effective and efficient drilling operation, a tremendous saving in man days for rig up and down operation.

We are currently developing our design for modular type workover rig which will be light weight and still has the strength of conventional workover rig. More details of this plan will be revealed in the future.